Recent PatchNotes

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June 4th

- Dekanes Mine
    - Teleporter has been placed a bit better
    - There's now also a teleporter back to Trillpy Room
- Ivillnes Temple
    - Damage of all mobs increased
    - Contents of Loot Boxes reduced from 50 to 10 Chips
    - Bosses will now award more Pet XP
- Ignis
    - Mini bosses now also drop Loot Boxes
    - Contents of Loot Boxes redcued from 50 to 30 Chips
    - Nerfed Rune drops substantially
- Red Meteonyker
    - Adjusted Balance
- Aminus
    - Minimum Level set to 120
    - Adjusted Balance
- Wilds
    - Reduced EXP gained from mobs

- Traseia
    - Increased Spawn of lv122 mobs
- Dark Rartesia
    - Reduced block rate of all mobs

- Open World dropchance von accessory and armor greatly reduced
- Purple Crystals now drop more often
- You now roll 1 slot 10% more often
- B and 4% Cards now drop from every mob between lv60 and lv150 (Please report if too much/less)

- Heal Scaling increased by 10% (Only lv15 Skill)
- Fixed some skill-names on Runes

- Armor runes now state they can only be put into suits & shields
- Cave Crystals now have a different model when dropping
- Ultimate items above Lv105 will now be soulbound on equip
- Re-Stats are now being sold for Penya instead of Mighty Chips

- Pet Revival Scrolls have been removed from Collins
- HP and damage of Shaduwar mobs adjusted to their new Level
- A / 7% Cards were removed from Peach
- You now need A / 7% Cards in exchange for S / 10% Cards

- Changed color of set effect bonuses
- Awake window now displays how much scrolls you have left

- Fixed accessories not being equippable correctly as Master
- Fixed [Epic] armor not being upgradeable with Sunstones
- Fixed Result amount for extra results for Crafters
- Fixed a bug where clicking a mob once would make you auto attack it instantly
- Fixed missing taxes on awake scrolls
- Pressing enter when recycling will no longer activate chat window
- Master Skill now levels up correctly again
- You can now set runes into items that are not for your class

- You can decide to disable sounds from Meat Salads/Other Foods in Custom Options

June 2nd

- Removed Roach Eggs in Dekanes Mine
- Damage dealt by all dungeons monsters increased
- Fixed health of Dekane Mine bosses
- Dungeon Bosses now drop lucky boxes that may contain their previous loot table, also some Mighty Chips/Power Dice

- Droprates in Ivillness Temple and Dekanes have been nerfed
- Open world monsters Lv100+ drop blue items again

- Fixed prerequisites for Psykeeper Skills

- Cost of Awake scrolls has been increased
- Added Scroll of Model Change to Wafor & Donate Shop
- Fixed LevelUp Bundle description

- Fixed a bug that made accessory sometimes roll 0 slots
- Fixed a bug where single reroll of 1h Merc Weapons could still roll Knight Skills
- Fixed the level requirements for Remantis Laccotte
- Upgraded Set Effects now render in a different color
- Added some missing textures
- Fixed a couple fashion boxes which gave double the items

- Removed stun on Ivillness Wrecker

- Awake Window is now a bit bigger

- You can now choose to make pets unclickable in Custom Options (instead of hiding them completetly)
- You can now choose if your [VIP] tag should be shown or not in Custom Options

May 31st (2)

- Dekanes Mine
    - Droprates have been adjusted
    - Mob Health and damage have been balanced
    - Added dungeon rewards
        - 50 Mobs: 10 PD4
        - 100 Mobs: 3 PD6
- Ignis
    - Mob Level has been set to 120
    - Mob damage has been adjusted
- Wilds
    - Added new music
    - Required Level is now 60-75
- Savage Wilds
    - Added new music
    - Required level is now 75-90

- Coral Island
    - Added new music
- Drastically lowered penya drop in farming areas (needs to be tested)

- Knight
    - Power Stomp scales with STR again at a lower rate, higher skill levels need to be tested
- Assist / RM
    - Healing spells base value reduced
    - Healing Spells INT Scaling reduced
    - Healing Spells can no longer be rolled on items/runes
- All Skills
    - Skills can no longer be learned higher than rank 3
    - One-handed weapons should no longer be able to roll Knight Skills

- Random Stats
    - Green Items now have 2 guaranteed Stats
    - Ultimate Items now have 3 guaranteed Stats
- Remantis Lacotte has been removed from Level Bundle
    - Have been replaced with green pills
- Remantis Lacotte now has a mininum level of 130 (might be buggy)
- CS Fashion now cost 1 Perin instead of 5
- Blessing/Chance of the Pet Tamer cost reduced to 100 Mighty Chips (Was 300)
- Scroll of Velocity / Scroll of Sprint
    - Duration set to 10 minutes
    - Price reduced
- Awake Scrolls (Normal, Pet, Pickup Pet, Blessing)
    - Now cost Penya
    - Moved to a different NPC next to peach

- You can now craft PD4 and PD6

- Fixed a bug with single reroll
- Fixed a bug with colosseum entrance              

May 31st (1)

- Savage Wilds
    - Beast Overlord Khan Attackspeed reduced
- Ivillness Temple
    - Removed some unwanted quest item spawns
    - Introduced Dungeon Rewards
        - 50 Mobs: PD4
        - 100 Mobs: PD6
    - Adjusted damage and hp of monsters, please test if you can (Would recommend at least Lv95)
- Updated Teleporter with recommended HP

- Fixed a texture error in Halebia
- Fucking finally, Music in Bingha and Azria will be playing
- Removed bugged NPC in SM
- Fixed a missing minimap in Ivillness Temple

- Reduced droprates of all set parts, weapons and jewlery again, according to their level
- Adjusted droprates for Ivillness Dungeon
- Lowered Sun & Moon Droprate at Mobs Lv100+
- Introduced new quest items to dungeon mobs (up until Dekanes atm) which give the same exp as Yellow Crystals, but drop more often

- Adjusted Crossline STR Scaling
- Stonehand has its old stun chance back and now also gives Attackspeed

- Fixed some names of runes
- Knight weapons can roll knight skills again
- Mercenary skill rolls have been disabled on shields lv60+
- Some higher level skills can now only roll on lv90+ jewlery
- new amps have been reduced to 1/3 day(s), was 7/30
- Crafting Recipes at rune master have been Fixed
- Scroll of Skill Remove now costs 250 MC
- Introduced Element Change Scroll Bundle at vote shop

- Inventory sort button now has correct size
- If your client fails to load essential models, it will close instantly, asking you to restart
- Dungeon Rewards & Boss Loot has been fixed (no more cross-dungeon loot in the same party)
- Giants should no longer be knockbacked by critical hits
- Changed text color of item links and guild chat
- Awake window has a slightly longer cooldown after each Awake
- Removed an annoying error... 13! :^)
- Badges now do work properly
- Giant Pets now show up correctly in your buff bar
- The CTRL-Tooltip for random stats now shows how much slots the item can roll max.
- Removed min. skill requirement in skill tooltip (skilltree)

May 30th

- Wilds & Savage Wilds
    - Monster damage adjusted
    - Boss damage adjusted
    - Blockrate adjusted a tiny bit
    - EXP of monsters adjusted
    - Mob counter set to 90/175
- Savage Wilds
    - Beast Overlord Khan no longer casts skills
- Wilds, Savage Wilds, Ivillness Temple, Dekanes Mine
    - Cooldown set to 90 minutes (was 120)
- Ivillness Temple & Dekanes Mine
    - Implemented a test counter to see how much monsters are in there and which number would be realistic
    - Please report results in these dungeons once you get there

- Azria
    - Increased some spawns some more
    - Patched new music
- Garden of Rhisis
    - Removed falsely spawned monsters

- Increased Droprate of Power Dice 4 in the open World
- Reduced Lv60/Lv75 armor drop rates
- Reduced Lv90 jewlery drop rates

- Adjusted Crossline damage
- Reduced base healing of circle healing Lv1 from 3.5k to 100
- Adjusted Junk Arrow damage

- Pick-Up Pet Upgrade cost reduced from 2500 to 1000
- Added new crafting recipes at [Rune Master] Jacky

- Increased Ringmaster Knuckle Scaling from 5.0 to 5.7 (Same powerlevel as BP)

- Added recipes for crafting green weapons

May 29th

- Fixed some textures at Trangformas
- Added new music to Bingha & Azria
- Increased Azria Spawns by a bit
- Rebalanced Wilds & Savage Wilds. Please test and report results

- Some NPCs have made their way back to Saint Morning and Darkon

- Vote Shop Ampli Box now contains 6 scrolls instead of 3
- Scroll of Luck (roll new item stats) has been added to Peach
- Scroll of Skill Remove has been added to Peach
- Adjusted Donate Bundle prices
- Name & Guild Color Change are now purchasable
- Scroll of Shining has been added to Vote & Donate Shop
- Premium shows now up correctly in Item Duration Window (J)
- All Premiums now have their effects in their description
- Mighty Fashion prices Increased
    - Cloak: 10k
    - Mask: 15k
    - Fashion: 30k
- Introduced new Amplification scrolls, not sure if/how/when these will be obtainable yet
- Updated Icons for World Boss Key Fragments

- Spiriture Fortune now gives 3% ATK per rank instead of 2
- Geburath Tiphreth: Additional Damage increased to 25 per rank, starting at 50 on rank 1. Also now gives the same amount of Attackspeed on all levels.

- Rune droprates have been decreased again
- Giants now drop less blue Items

- Fixed an error when trying to recycle lv60 blue weapons
- Badges will now correctly unlock as Master
- Fixed Attackspeed being display as a wrong number in tooltips when holding CTRL
- Fixed an issue with skill-levels on login
- Fixed Voteshop price display
- Fixed Weapon Glow Magic animations
- Fixed a problem where a rune could be set into an active pet
- Viewing someone's equip will now correctly show their eq stats and runes

May 28th

- Knockback on YoYos has been removed (led to immense position bugs)
- Divine Knight weapons now also have Swordcross
- Icon of Rune Dust updated
- Adjusted description on Pet Medicines 
- Re-Skill was added at Lv60 Jobchange and Wafor and works correctly
- Pet/Armor/Weapon Rune icon updated, they're different now
- ATK & DEF Jewlery Runes - Effect adjusted

- Holy Guard also gives DEF now
- Patience now gives 3% HP per rank
- Perfect Block now gives 5% Block per rank
- Bow Mastery / Yoyo Mastery / Axe Mastery / Sword Mastery / Smite Axe / Blazing Sword: Weapon Damage adjusted, capped at 500
- Enchant Poison (Jester) effect adjusted at all ranks

- Darkon Giants drop Red Chips again
- [Rare] Equipment droprates increased on all Giants
- Normal Equipment droprated increased a bit
- Skill Runes drop way less often
- Stat Runes drop slightly more often
- Sunstone/Moonstone Droprate adjusted at all levels
- Power Dice 4 can now drop on Giants
- Power Dice 6 can now drop on Dungeon Bosses

- Fixed some floating trees in Azria
- Darkon Giant spawntime increased to 1 hour
- Greemongs now have a new texture (Purple -> Green)
- Savage Wilds Dungeon Max.Lv increased to 90 (Was 85)

- Weapon Glow Magic is now in Donate/Vote Shop
- Blue Weapons sold at NPCs capped at Lv60 (Was 80)
- Pet Energy and Feed Bag have been removed from the pet Tamer
- Cloak of Honor now costs 500 MC
- Keys were introduced to Bingha (Prices are subject to change)

- Upgrade & Piercing Chances increased

- You can now link items while having active pets
- Droplog item display now decays faster
- Render distance of npcs was reduced again (performance issues on CPU)
- Shields can now also be socketed with skill Runes
- Guild Name Color is no longer black on joining
- Blade Weapons can no longer roll Knight Skills & vice versa